ALO drummer/singer Dave Brogan has confirmed two shows at San Francisco, CA’s Connecticut Yankee. The shows are timed with ALO’s appearances at San Francisco’s The Fillmore on February 22 and 23.

On Friday, February 22—after ALO’s Fillmore show—Brogan will reunite with his old band Evil Farmer for the first time since 2007. In addition to Brogan, the “forefathers of the ’90s Isla Vista avant-rock pre-jam scene” features bassist Ari Gorman, keyboardist Paul Moore and guitarist Dan Zimmerman. In the show announcement, the band warns this will be their “last show until who knows when.”

Brogan describes Evil Farmer as the following:

My old college band. The band I cut my teeth in and on. It was the early ’90s and the scene was UCSB – Isla Vista, a cauldron of spontaneous live music that spawned ALO, Ugly Kid Joe, Toad the Wet Sprocket (sort of), Rebellution and Jack Johnson (sort of), a definite Outliers situation. We were rocking proto-jam style back when all we had to go by was the Dead and the Doors! Phish came through in 1992 (famous Live at the Anaconda tape) but I missed them because I didn’t know who they were.

If the Farmer would have stayed together we would be a super group – Ari Gorman on Bass is a busy gigger around the Bay Area and a Beatles scholar. Keyboardist and songwriter Paul Moore is a film and dance composer living is Seattle. Guitarist Dan Zimmerman is a wizard of shred and a total embodiment of the SoCal jazz-rock sound. Think Robben Ford with Joni Mitchell. We made one album called- Nice. We’ll be playing our material late night after the Friday ALO Fillmore show at Studio 352 – the famous loft on Clement street. There will be a lot of miles traveled to make this show happen so if you are at all interested in my roots or the influences of ALO you have to be there. This is gonna blow minds.

Then, on February 24 Brogan will present The Sunday Show A Retrospective of Dave’s music from 2008-2012 at the venue on Sunday, February 24. The evening will feature a slew of guests, including The Mother Hips guitarists Tim Bluhm, Greg Loicano, ALO bassist Steve Adams, Tea Leaf Green bassist Reed Mathis, Nicki Bluhm, Kate Gaffney, Jambay guitarist Chris Haugen, RatDog guitarist Mark Karan, Garrin Benfield, Tift Merritt keyboardist Danny Eisenberg, Sean Leahy, members of Evil Farmer and Dave Brogan Band. Additional guests are expected.

ALO will perform at Santa Cruz, CA’s Moe’s Alley this evening.