Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds will release two classic performance as part of Dave Matthews Band’s Live Trax archival series. This is the first time Matthews has released a Reynolds duo performance as part of the series.

Live Trax 23 captures the duo’s February 19, 1996 show at Durham, NH’s Whittemore Center Arena. Of the show’s selection, Matthews’ camp explains

Live Trax Volume 23 is the first Dave and Tim show to be released in the series. For the special Dave and Tim debut, we have selected an exceptional 1996 show from the University of New Hampshire in Durham. This last show of the Dave & Tim tour that year includes Dave’s solo performance of never-before-played Hold Me Down. Tim broke a string and while replacing, Dave played the solo song asking the audience to name it. The jam from What Would You Say into Minarets is a definite highlight along with Leave Me Praying which is one of the coolest versions of the song we’ve heard. Other noteworthy parts of the show include What Will Become of Me at the end of Jimi Thing, the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Tangerine and the Cry Freedom closer.

Live Trax Volume 24 will capture the duo almost exactly a year later at Spartanburg, SC’s Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium on February 8, 1997.

In a statement, the release is described as the following:

When selecting Live Trax 23, we realized that we had two Dave and Tim shows from the early days that were both so good they had to be released together. Live Trax 24 is a show from Spartanburg, SC in early 1997. During the show, Dave refers to a billboard displaying a message “Jesus is coming to a soul near you” in several songs: Two Step, never-before-played Dreamed I Killed God and What Will Become of Me. Highlights of the show include a rare Let You Down and Captain with some alternate lyrics. Little Thing and I’ll Back You Up are both rare treats in this setting. One of our favorite stretches of the show is Minarets>Dreamed I Killed God>Typical Situation.

The archival releases will also be available as a bundle.