moe. were one of the many bands that frequented New York’s Wetlands when Larry Bloch owned the seminal club in the ’90s. On Sunday, moe. honored Bloch the day of his passing by writing, “On Sunday evening at 5:30pm, we lost a mentor to many. Larry Bloch was a great man who brought a great vision to life. Those who frequented the Wetlands in New York City got a chance to see someone build a scene like no other and understood the significance; they got to witness and be part of the vision. Nobody has been able to duplicate what Larry did. In a way, moe. lost their Bill Graham.”

In memory and honor of Bloch, moe. is offering a free download of their September 23, 1995 performance at Wetlands beginning today at 12pm EST and ending Monday afternoon at 12pm EST.
moe. celebrated Halloween on Saturday at Nashville, TN’s Ryman. The group covered three of their albums in their entirety during the performance.

Here’s a look at moe.‘s 9/23/95 show via That Setlist File

September, 23, 1995, Wetlands Preserve, NY

Everything opened.

1: Interstellar Overdrive, Moth, Akimbo, Buster, Timmy Tucker, Rebubula

2: Seat Of My Pants, Happy Hour Hero, Mexico, 32 Things, St. Augustine, Yodelittle*, Don’t Fuck With Flo, Dr. Graffenberg > Havah Negilah, Brent Black

E: Defrost, Take The Skinheads Bowling

(*)With Didjeridoo Dude Dave from ADE on didjeridoo.