Bela Fleck and the Flecktones have confirmed an indefinite hiatus. The news comes following a statement from Fleck that was sent out to the Flecktones mailing list, which explains that while there is no animosity amongst the members of the group, “it will likely be several years til [they] can marshall the Flecktone forces again.” The statement cites the members’ individual careers as the reason for the hiatus and urges fans to follow each of these musicians on their own path. The band’s recently reunited original lineup wrapped-up their reunion tour at the venue where they played their first show, Louisville, KY’s Kentucky Center, in April.

The statement reads:

It’s been a phenomenal year for the band. We came back together to make a new recording (Rocket Science on E1) and to tour for a year, and we certainly did both of those things to the fullest extent possible. Having Howard Levy in the mix brought back the wild and unruly energy – and combustion – that the original line-up always had. But now 18 years later – we’re all grown up, so it was a very new experience for us, as well. The shows went through the roof, and I can’t think of one that didn’t go great. You guys came out and supported our efforts, bringing us the final element that we needed to ensure that the magic would occur. I feel that the band hit new heights in cohesion, and group improv, and individual musical achievement. And we had a great time while doing it.

As the tour wound down towards the end of our time together, we began to consider when we would do this again. And everyone was eager for that to happen. But it will likely be several years til we can marshall the flecktone forces again, due to the rich and varied lives and careers that everyone has developed through the years. I do invite you to follow us each separately, because I think everyone is doing wonderful things.

And I look forward to the next time when the Flecktones play together again,

Best regards to all-
Béla Fleck