Grace Potter & The Nocturnals have revelaed the album art for their new studio album The Lion The Beast The Beat. The album’s cover was designed by LA-based, onetime DIY artist Deedee Cheriel. “I wanted the cover art to reflect all the themes within this album without being overwhelming,” Potter says of the album’s art. “I grew up in a family of artists so when it comes to cover art…I’m pretty tough. I was ready for a long, drawn out process, but Deedee Cheriel’s artwork fell perfectly in step with where I wanted to go. Her work seems ancient and immediate all at once. A beautiful combination of sacred and subversive. And if that’s too art-schooly for you, let’s just say there are animals puking laser rainbows…which is just plain awesome”

The Lion The Beast The Beat is slated for release on June 12. Potter and The Nocturnals will perform at Rochester, MN’s Mayo Civic Center Presentation Hall this evening.