Photo by Chad Reider

Umphrey’s McGee are offering up a free download of their Super Bowl Village set from February 5, 2012. However, shortly after the download was posted, the band released the following statement:

Rock ‘n Roll ain’t perfect and neither are we. We uncovered a problem with our Super Bowl Village recording and unfortunately didn’t catch it in time. We are working our tails off to craft a solution. Stay tuned tomorrow for an update. Thanks again to all those in attendance and to everyone who has helped spread the word. You made it one incredibly memorable night.

We’ll update you as the band sorts out the issue, but for now you can download the flawed version below.

In addition, Umphrey’s have also announced a series of opening acts and late-night shows for their upcoming tour. On the road, Umphrey’s will be joined by a slew of acts including progressive rockers The Mantras, The Mother Hips, Work Drugs, Speakeasy and Montu. After parties will feature Wyllys, Cocktail Party Phenomenon and Space Disco (Andy Farag, Joel Cummins and Wyllys). Visit Umphrey’s official site for complete details.