It is no secret that the members of STS9 are interested in the Mayan calendar. With the Mayan calendar set to enter the next b’ak’tun on December 21, 2011, STS9 will present “The Great Cycle Spectacles” of 2012 next year. The group describes these shows as “a series of one of a kind performances celebrating the end and beginning of the Mayan calendar cycle. We ask that you endulge your senses into a spectacle of music, art and imagination through out the year. Come let go, live free and enjoy the mysteries and pleasures of life with us. ‘The Great Cycle Spectacles’ will be coming to a limited number of locales in 20-12, and we hope each and every one is as near to you as we can make it. Be prepared to take a journey like no other this coming year. We Are.” STS9 will countdown to 2012 with five shows at Atlanta’s Tabernacle from December 27-31.