Saturday at Higher Ground

Trey Anastasio brought his band to Asheville, NC last night as the group opened a Southern swing. The night saw the debut of a new original tune as the group performed the Trey Anastasio/Tom Marshall composition “Frost.” The lyrics, which appear below, have something of an old-school Phish feel to them. TAB’s show also featured the second-ever take on “Snake Head Thumb,” co-written with the Dude of Life, which the group premiered on Saturday. Other highlights included strong takes on such staples as “In the Wee Wee Hours,” “Push On ‘Til the Day,” “Liquid Time” and “Sand,” with the complete setlist available in our Box Scores section. In addition, anyone who has not seen Trey’s sit-down with Warren Haynes, should stop by, where it appears today in the video blog.

“Frost” lyrics, via

The mistress of the dawn
strides along
with her solitary pawn
who lingers on
then is gone
with no word
and no one heard
where he went
to this day
maybe he would sail away

the children of the sun
having fun
didn’t realize they were done
because the pawn
chanced to wander thru the camp
just like a tramp
he left his stamp there
to this day
maybe he would sail away

gone are silent summer rains
wind is rolling off the plains
bringing ice upon the breeze
making flowing water freeze

the minstrel of the land
made a stand
in a castle made of sand
watched it fall
in the frost
and the message was lost
with one last word
to deliver
under ice upon the river
it lies frozen to this day

maybe it would sail away
sail away
frozen to this day
maybe it would sail away