In a 2007 Relix cover story, Page McConnell mentioned that Phish once toyed with the idea of routing a tour through the seven states the band had never performed in. While the group has yet to visit those states since reuniting, the band has named the seven main campgrounds at Super Ball in their honor, specifically Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota and Arkansas. Wyoming will be for RV camping and general admission, and Alaska will be specifically for tent camping (and if Phish were to do one of its surprise late night festival sets in the campground, it would be an economical way to visit those missing states). The rest of the sites are yet to be defined, but there will be a location for family camping as well as an area that is handicapped accessible. As previously announced, there will also be Glen Close camping available that is located closest to the stage for an additional fee.

Information has also been announced regarding the special art installations that have long been a tradition of Phish festivals in the past. This year there will be what the website calls “An American Trilogy,” which will include “an early American settlement,” “America in the Industrial Revolution,” and “The Future of America.” The Industrial Revolution section will include masks and costumes for the “Super Bull Run” that will occur for the first time on Sunday. Sculptor Lars Fisk, famous for all the visual art at Phish festivals up until 2004, will be making his triumphant return, working along with Russ Bennett to bring various visual artists to the festival.

There will also be “The Big Screen” which is located in the “Powerhouse” middle section of the field adjacent to the stage which will be playing movies and other media clips throughout the day. Near “The Big Screen” will be a pinball themed bar the size of a tennis court complete with bumpers and flippers. Phish archivists and collectors of all ages will also be happy to find a JEMP Records store located in the main section of the festival grounds. Placed next to “The House of Live Phish,” the JEMP Records store will feature various releases from different stages in Phish history as well as recordings of Live at The Roxy, Vegas ’96 and The Clifford Ball seven DVD set. “The White Tape,” famously released on cassette in 1986, will be released for the first time on an 180g white vinyl, along with Party Time on a 2-LP 180g vinyl and the previously released “Two Soundchecks,” which will be in limited quantity.

Information about the festival and a copy of the map can be found here.