Bob Weir, Ben Harper, Devendra Banhart and Stephen Stills are among the musicians who have contributed to the soundtrack for the documentary Wretches and Jabberers. Directed by Academy Award winner Gerardine Wurzburg, the documentary follows two men with autism, Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, “who embark on a global quest to change attitudes about disability and intelligence.” The soundtrack features 20 original songs written and produced by J. Ralph. Other artists featured on the soundtrack include: Antony, Paul Brady, Bonnie Bramlett, Vashti Bunyan, Martin Carthy, Judy Collins, Lila Downs, Vincent Gallo, David Garza, Scarlett Johansson, Nic Jones, Norah Jones, Leah Siegel, Carly Simon and Ben Taylor. Weir recorded his contribution to the project—“Breaking The Hold”—in his Bay Area studio with J. Ralph this past summer.