Photo from Widespread Panic’s official Facebook page

Widespread Panic opened its two-show New Year’s Run last night at Denver’s Pepsi Center. This is only the second time in Widespread Panic’s 24-year history that the band has celebrated New Year’s outside Georgia and, appropriately enough, Panic opened its set with a cover of Tom Waits’ “Goin’ Out West.” The group’s first set highlights also included a version of “Dark Bar” sandwiched in the middle of “Good People” as well as a segue from “Greta” into “Fishwater.”

The band’s second set opened with a run from “Saint Ex” into “Chilly Water” and the second part of “Saint Ex.” Guitarist David Bromberg then emerged for “Old Neighborhood” and “Use Me.” The latter song also featured DJ Logic on turntables. Logic remained onstage for much of the group’s set, including “Party At Your Mama’s House,” “You Should Be Glad” and a drum segment.

Panic has covered Bromberg’s “Sharon” numerous times since the mid 80s and appears on the guitarist’s forthcoming album Use Me. The album is also slated to feature appearances by Levon Helm, Los Lobos, Tim O’Brien, Dr. John and John Hiatt, among others.

Widespread Panic will return to the Pepsi Center tonight. Portions of the band’s tour will be filmed for a forthcoming documentary.