With the familiar opening notes of “Possum,” Phish charged into second leg of its summer tour. The first set at Berkeley, CA’s Greek Theatre spanned the group’s career from the opener and “The Divided Sky” on through “Kill Devil Falls.” The band’s run from “Halley’s Comet” to “Sample in a Jar” was well-received, as was a high-energy “Funky Bitch” and the set-closing “Run Like an Antelope.” Phish then returned and offered some tight versions of classic material, including a run from “Down with Disease,” into “Free,” as well as “Maze,” a funky “Tweezer” and a solid “Fluffhead” to end the set.

As the band then returned to the stage for its encore, Trey Anastasio held up a fan’s sign that said “Prep School Hippie” on one side and “Stage Banter” on the other. After placing it on stage with the Banter side facing the audience, he explained that he was playing a new guitar that former Phish soundman Paul Languedoc had made for him. Anastasio explained that this was his fifth guitar crafted by the luthier and that this one came with an Ocelot inlay. He then encouraged the audience to scream a “Thank You” that Languedoc would be able to hear on the recording of the show. Anastasio then added he was about to play some “bad guitar” as the band kicked into “Loving Cup” which was followed by “Tweezer Reprise.”

Phish returns to the Greek tonight.