In the next issue of Relix, Trey Anastasio takes some time to look at the music that the band performed on the first leg of its summer tour. The guitarist’s comments certainly have some bearing on what the group might well do when it kicks off the second leg of its tour this evening. In terms of new, original songs, Anastasio says in part, “I wrote a couple with Tom Marshall and I also have a friend in New York City now, Amanda Green, who’s a Broadway songwriter. She and I have written three songs in the past couple of weeks. We actually just got an email from a band that wants to cover one of them. She and I wrote ‘Burn that Bridge’ and there’s a song called ‘Julie’ that I think we’re going to do on the next leg of the Phish tour. Phish already learned it, but just haven’t done it yet.”

So perhaps “Julie” will makes it debut tonight at the Greek. In the interim, for a bit more on what may follow, check out this additional account on