Today is premiering two new episodes of “Who the Hell is Dan Bruder?” In these episodes, Bruder has to deal with the wrath of his wife, Michelle, when she goes ballistic after being surprised in her bathroom by their house guest, former British pop star, Rob Barlowe. Things go from bad to worse as Dan’s band rehearsal deteriorates into chaos. Dan ends up being lured to a strip club by Barlowe who has an amazing surprise for him. This episode includes Liberty DeVitto, Devon Allman, John Ginty, Lorenza Ponce and Muddy Shews.

Bruder, himself, explains, “These episodes were written towards the end of the first season and then inserted back into the beginning. The further we got into writing the story, the more we realized we had to focus on the band and it just took on a life of its own.” The musicians have since jumped off the screen into the recording studio with the release of The Dan Bruder Band debut album “Act of Kindness” with many of the cast members participating in the real band. It is hard to tell where fiction ends and reality begins, and the script is now starting to mirror actual events that are happening to the band. The series is already beginning to plan for season two with many other celeb cameos and is shot mostly in the greater New York metro area. It looks like we struck an emotional button with a lot of people that relate to being wannabe rockers who can’t let go of the dream. I constantly have people come up tell me how the story is about themselves or their dad, uncle, brother, neighbor. People seem to be living vicariously through the show remembering back in the day, which is very cool.”

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