With the Allman Brothers Band off the road this summer as Gregg Allman recovers from his liver transplant surgery, founding drummer Butch Trucks has been working on his Moogis site. As he continues to refine the plans for this endeavor, he also has maintained an open dialogue on the Moogis message boards. When asked recently about his touring plans, he offered this insight into what may well be in the offing for the Brothers, as well as his own extracurricular activities.

Trucks writes, “Just got an itinerary for a proposed ABB tour in November. I’ll keep you posted as things develop. No plans for any solo tours from me, but the other guys are always doing something. Check out their web sites for dates and venues. I’m working on an instructional DVD that emphasizes music over technique. I guess if you know how I play you can figure out what it’ll be like. Hope to have it ready by the end of the year. But most of my energies are still into getting this site fully operational. It’s really tough waiting for things to get done but that’s life.”