Perpetual Groove has released a new EP exclusively online. Honey Cuts contains three tracks recorded during the Heal sessions that were not included on the resulting full-length album: “Space Paranoids,” “Cairo,” and “The Noise

In other news, the band has posted a statement in memory of longtime Perpetual Groove friend and employee Brad Robinson. The note reads:

We are deeply saddened about the loss of our friend and companion on the road, Brad Robinson. Brad was a friend to all of us first and foremost, a perpetual fan of the band who worked tirelessly to turn on as many people as he could, a booming voice heard not just at the shows, but online too. He touched a great deal of people with his huge smile, his boisterous personality, and his zeal for live music and living life to the fullest. He was a great friend who stood by the side of those who needed him and the world is a little bit more lonely today with his passing. These tiny words cannot do justice to just how big Brad was to all of us. Our condolences go out to Brad’s family, loved ones, and to all of those he touched while he intersected our lives.

His care-free swagger was a fine invention:
Life was too slow, too regular, too grave.
With horse and sword he drew the girls’ attention,
A conquering hero, bountiful and brave,

To whom teen-agers looked for liberation:
At his command they left behind their mothers,
Their wits were sharpened by the long migration,
His camp-fires taught them all the horde were brothers.

W.H. Auden

So long old friend, you are gone, but you will not be forgotten.

Online condolences may be offered here.