A poster for one of the many shows Ben Harper and Guster have played together over the years.

Ben Harper and Guster have played together a number of times over the past ten years. Most recently they both performed at the first Hangout Beach, Music & Arts Festival in Gulf Shores, AL this past weekend. While onsite Harper started texting with Guster guitarist Adam Gardner, who runs the greening non-profit Reverb. Without meeting up face-to-face, the two musicians decided they should do something about the recent oil spill caused by oil/gas giant BP. One text led to another and—thanks to modern technology—the two musicals published the new website Fuck BP while onsite—before Harper and Gardner were actually able to find each other backstage.

“It’s one thing that they’ve dumped thousands of gallons (and counting) of oil into the sea and won’t take 100% responsibility and culpability for it. It’s a whole other thing if we pay them to do it,” the musicians said in a joint statement.

Readers can fill out this petition online to urge BP to clean up the mess on their own dollar.