Umphrey’s McGee percussionist Andy Farag and his brother Ryan have spent the past few years producing hip hop tracks in their spare time. Now, The Farag Brothers duo has officially formed as Sumpump Productions, a team “specializing in hip hop and R&B musical collaborations.” Sumpump Productions’ first release is The Dumm Lazee Lounge Presents Free Lunch Program, which features emcee Kidd-A. Produced by Mr. Rekken (aka Ryan Farag), Free Lunch Program features Andy Farag on percussion, scratches by Sauce and additional bass by Disgustin Justin. .

The percussionist has also created his own BBQ seasoning, Andy’s Rippin’ Rub. A note from Umphrey’s McGee reads, “Andy loves his job with Umphrey’s, but when he is not on the road keeping time and droppin’ beats with Umphrey’s McGee, Andy loves to barbeque. More of an obsession than a hobby, Andy takes his barbequing very seriously. Over the years, Andy has meticulously sampled blends of spices from lands afar, from right here in Chicago, and everywhere in between. In his quest for the ultimate spice blend, we are happy to introduce Andy’s Rippin’ Rub: a careful combination of Andy’s favorite spices, which when applied to Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Chicken, Steak, or any Vegetable, is sure to make that morsel melt in your mouth. Just prepare your next barbeque with a little of Andy’s Rippin’ Rub, and your taste buds will be dancing like they’re riding the rail at an Umphrey’s show. If you’re looking for the perfect weapon in your summer BBQ arsenal, look no further, Andy’s Rippin’ Rub is here.

While at the Summer Camp festival, Andy Farag will sample his new seasoning at the USTORM and plays some tracks from The Dumm Lazzee Lounge Presents Free Lunch Program.