Gary Backstrom (Jiggle the Handle) has assembled a nine piece band for “Road to Utopia—A Tribute to Todd Rundgren” which will take place tonight at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Backstrom explains, “I have found that I have outgrown some past influences such as The Dead and Allman Brothers and feel the need to challenge myself with something totally different. His [Rundgren’s] music touches me on a very deep, unspoken level and I have found a new world of musical inspiration in all different phases of his music.”

In addition to the nine piece core band, Backstrom is also bringing in members of the Family Folk Chorale to deliver a song from Rundgren’s all-vocal album, A Cappella. The performance will also feature members of Another Planet, The Grass Gypsies, Humble Bee and All the Animal. Bass player Brian O’Connell (Uncle Sammy, Gordon Stone Band) adds, “We’ve been rehearsing our asses off for months. Todd’s music demands it.”