Continuing a recent trend, out sister site is proud to premiere “Saint Ex,” the first track from the new Widespread Panic release, Dirty Side Down.

“I’ll tell you what the mood conveys to me but that doesn’t make it the only interpretation available,” John Bell says of the song. “The tone of the music within the intro is fairly etheric…floating – maybe helping to describe what it’s like to be flying through and above the clouds – peaceful, maybe solitary. The outro is the same piece of music. At this point however, oops – St. Ex is dead. So, now the mood is still hopefully peaceful, lofty, perhaps Heaven-like – without the aid of an aircraft. Other people tell me they just see bunnies.

“I was very grateful to the different musical ideas Jimmy [Herring] shared one day while we were on the road,” he also says “They were originally stand alone ideas – but when we brought them together for one song, the imagery for the lyrical aspect became more vivid. To me, the music and words conveyed the same feeling – like they were meant for each other, even though they came from different inspirations.”

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