The members of Guster recently finished recording their first album since 2006’s Ganging Up On The Sun. The group is now reaching out to fans to help name the album. A note from the band reads, “After a couple of years of on-and-off hard work, we finished our album yesterday. On Thursday it goes to the Masterer, the man who writes the final audio adjustments, makes everything permanent, and haunts you in your sleep with eyes like charcoal briquettes. We’ll need to figure out the order of the songs by then, and we’ll need an album name in the next week or so (send help), but we couldn’t be happier with how these twelve songs turned out. In the coming months you’ll be hearing about this record of ours a lot, with songs and videos seeping out here and there, and album names, pre-orders, vinyl versions, acoustic out-takes and all that sort of good stuff on the horizon too. We invite you to climb aboard our mighty steed and rhoid with us.”

The band will play a free show at Vail, CO’s Check Point Charlie today. Please send album name suggestions to [email protected]