Shimon Presents has announced new availability for its Coachella and Stagecoach Work Exchange Teams due to increased labor needs at each festival. These teams are comprised of volunteers who essentially earn festival tickets through volunteer work. Once accepted the applicants will have to put down a deposit covering the ticket price which will be fully refundable at the completion of their WET obligation. The WET obligation varies based on your ultimate job function(s), but volunteers will work an average of 18 hours at Coachella, and 12 at Stagecoach. Those not wishing to miss any of Coachella, there are limited opportunities to earn your ticket by working at Stagecoach the following weekend. Shimon Presents will offer similar opportunities through its Work Exchange Team at many upcoming festivals including Alabama’s inaugural Hangout Festival in May, as well as Bonnaroo and Wakarusa in June.

In other news, Shimon Presents has expanded its Street Team operations (now called StreetShimon) across the country. Each and every promotional opportunity will be give a certain point value. The point value is the maximum amount of points a street teamer can receive for completing the promotional activity. These points can earn rewards such as tickets to festivals across the country, discounted tickets to other events, merchandise and an array of other benefits.