Allman Brothers Band founding drummer Butch Trucks has made an announcement regarding the next steps for his Moogis live streaming service. In a post to the Moogis website he has confirmed that Moogis will indeed be on site at this years event, which will take place on April 16 and 17 in Live Oak, Florida. Trucks offers the following comments:

Hello Everyone – We have received a lot of communications from you asking if Moogis would be at the 2010 Wanee Music Festival.

So, here’s the short answer: Yes, Moogis will be there.

Now, here’s the longer explanation. Moogis really wants to be able to bring this incredible showcase of some of your musical favorites (The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, Stephen Stills and a whole lot more great artists over several days). We want to bring it to you live as it happens, if we can. There are a lot of technical obstacles to overcome. Keep in mind that Wanee was built for the enjoyment of the fan at the site. No one ever considered internet connectivity when the site was constructed but that is the first big question that Moogis has to be concerned with. If we can manage the cost and the technical aspects of putting a satellite uplink truck at the Wanee site, then we will. If it becomes unrealistic, we will find an alternative. But, one way or another, Moogis intends to be at Wanee and we want to bring this wonderful event into your homes.

So, over the next few days, I will be communicating the details as soon as they become clear to us. In the meantime, go to the forums and let us know how you feel about Moogis at Wanee. If you like the opportunity to be a part of Wanee, no matter where you will be April 16 and 17, please let us know.

For a bit more on Butch Trucks and his plans for Moogis, check out our recent interview with Trucks, “Butch’s Brew (The Reader Interview With Butch Trucks).”