Special April 1 Report

In an effort to support its forthcoming 3D concert film, Phish will hit the road for an extended summer tour. At each of these shows the group pledges to take the stage in full 3D. As bassist Mike Gordon explains, “Have we been one dimensional in the past? Sure, maybe at the beginning. Two dimensions? Yeah, we’ve been flat but this is what it’s all about. People will be amazed at the depth of field.” To this end, Phish will utilize the latest in the polarization technology utilized by Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. In this case Phish will achieve polarization by performing classic material with enough gusto to excite younger concertgoers while allowing older fans to flaunt their cultural capital and grouse “how things were better in the old days.” Everyone is encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the experience by becoming one of the first 10,000 in each venue to text the song-by-song breakdown and meet by the soundboard at setbreak to discuss.