The Disco Biscuits performed for the first time without guitarist Jon Gutwillig last night at Boston’s House of Blues. As previously reported, Gutwillig injured his wrist after the group’s concert at Albany, NY’s The Egg. Though the band postponed its scheduled performance in Montclair, NJ, the group decided to make last night’s show a free gig. Boston’s The Indobox opened the night and Disco Biscuits bassist Marc Brownstein addressed the crowd at the start of his band’s set (confirming rumors that Gutwillig hurt his wrist messing around backstage Thursday night). The Disco Biscuits opened the show as a trio with “Onamae Wa,” a number written by former Biscuits drummer Sam Altman. Guitarist Chris Michetti from the recently reactivated RAQ then emerged for “Park Avenue,” “Orch Thme,” “Tricyle,” “Uber Glue” and “Mirrors.” Indobox guitarist Joe Zarick also joined the Biscuits and Michetti for a set-closing run from “Helicopters” into “Gangster” and back into “Helicopters.”

The band left the stage and planned to return with an additional guitarist for its second set, but the performance was shut down during intermission. Brownstein and keyboardist Aron Magner both made the announcement from the stage, citing “technical difficulties.” (See update below)

The Disco Biscuits’ show at Brooklyn, NY’s Brooklyn Bowl this Sunday will take place as planned (though Gutwillig’s late night solo show has been cancelled) . Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) is among the guests scheduled to join the Biscuits onstage. The group’s new single “On Time” recently cracked the Top 50 on the Billboard Dance Chart.

Update: On Sunday night, Brownstein alluded to the fact that the show had been shut down due to some backstage pot smoke. However, an article in the Boston Herald indicated that Boston Fire Department inspectors closed the club because “they found clubgoers clogging exits and trash barrels and beer kegs impeding fire escapes,” for the second time in the month.