Hot Buttered Rum’s Aaron Redner has completed work on his solo CD, City by the Bay. Redner will preview material from the project during a guest-heavy performance at Mill Valley, CA’s Masonic Theater on April 10. The show will feature many of the musicians who contributed to City by the Bay, including Bryan Horne (Hot Buttered Rum), Alexis Razon (Vinyl), James Nash (Waybacks), Chris Haugen (Jambay), Nat Keefe (Hot Buttered Rum), Phil Ferlino (New Monsoon) and Kate Gaffney, among others.

Redner asks, “Please join us for this one-time affair that will pair the new songs with some Hot Buttered Rum favorites and other surprises to create a memorable evening for the whole family! Chairs will be available and a dance floor will be waiting.”