Recent Relix cover boys The Black Keys will release another album on May 18 via Nonesuch Records. A contrast from the band’s recent Blakroc collaboration with RZA, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Raekwon and other MCs, Brothers was largely recorded by the two musicians at the famed Alabama studio Muscle Shoals—the same studio where the likes of The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett recorded. The album includes the Danger Mouse-produced song “Tighten Up” and a cover of the Jerry Butler classic “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The remaining songs on Brothers are written, performed and produced by The Black Keys. With the exception of a handful of tracks, co- production duties were handled by Mark Neill. The record was mixed by Tchad Blake, who worked with Tom Waits, Phish, State Radio, The Bad Plus and many others

Brothers tracks include:

1. “Everlasting Light”
2. “Next Girl”
3. “Tighten Up”
4. “Howlin’ For You”
5. “She’s Long Gone”
6. “Black Mud”
7. “The Only One”
8. “Too Afraid To Love You”
9. “Ten Cent Pistol”
10. “Sinister Kid”
11. “The Go Getter”
12. “I’m Not The One”
13. “Unknown Brother”
14. “Never Gonna Give You Up”
15. “These Days”