The Grateful Dead performed one of their most memorable gigs at Cornell University’s Barton Hall on May 8, 1977. This coming Sunday Phil Lesh and Bob Weir will return to the venue with their Furthur project. However it seemed that the campus police may be having flashbacks. While Weir and Lesh certainly will perform, it’s safe to say that Furthur tour 2010 isn’t accompanied by the caravans that once followed the good ol’ Grateful Dead. However, in a letter to Cornell building coordinators, Sgt. Philip D. Mospan writes:

This Sunday, February 14th there will be a concert hosted in Barton Hall featuring a band called Further. This band in part has members from the old Grateful Dead band and will certainly generate an active crowd of what are affectionately referred to as “Deadheads”. This fan base is very loyal to the Grateful Dead and their remaining members. We are confident that they will be showing up in large numbers as early as this Friday.

Our concern is that this particular group of fans will set up camp wherever they can and will certainly avail themselves to the warmth of any open building. Even if they do not have tickets to the venue, they will still come in the hopes of gaining access to the concert, and they will be seeking shelter from the elements over the weekend.

Please be extra vigilant in securing your buildings this Friday and throughout the weekend. If you have staff working in the buildings over the weekend, please request that they secure their areas and report any persons who look like they may not belong in their building to the Cornell Police at 255-1111 or if an emergency; 911.

While we respect Sgt. Mospan’s cultural memory, we encourage him to mellow out over the weekend with his 5/8/77 Betty Board. There will be no need for barricades.