As previously reported, Trey Anastasio will tour with his Classic TAB this February. In addition to Classic TAB mainstays Russ Lawton, Tony Markellis and Ray Paczkowski, this incarnation of the group will include a horn section (Jennifer Hartswick, Russ Remington and Natalie Cressman). Hartswick and Remington have toured with Anastasio on and off since 2001, while the 18-year-old Cressman is filling in while her father Jeff Cressman performs with Santana (Cressman last played in Anastasio’s solo band in 2006).

In a short interview posted on Phish’s site, Anastasio also reveals he that will introduce several new songs this tour. Some of these new compositions may also make their way into Phish’s repertoire.

“We’ll be bringing a lot of new material to the table,” the guitarist says. “This band is sort of a breeding ground for Phish material. Songs like ‘Bug,’ ‘Heavy Things,’ ‘Backwards Down the Number Line,’ ‘Sand,’ ‘First Tube,’ ‘Gotta Jibboo’ – all these songs started out in the TAB band and then sort of made their way to Phish. For instance, last year we did ‘Alaska’ with TAB and it ended up being performed with Phish. So it’s a process that seems to work.”

The group also plans to draw from the approximately 50 Trey Anastasio Band originals Phish has not performed. Composer Don Hart has also helped Anastasio rework some of his horn arrangements.

“There’s a song called ‘Goodbye Head’ that’s on Bar 17 that I always thought could be good but we never really had time to get at it because it’s pretty complicated,” Anastasio admits. “So we’re going to work on that one. And we’re including material from The Horseshoe Curve, like ‘Olivia’ and ‘Burlap Sack & Pumps.’”