The Motet and Hot Buttered Rum closed out 2009 together at Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Hot Buttered Rum played first and debuted a version of “Like the French” (a song Hot Buttered Rum’s Nat Keefe gave to ALO’s Dave Brogan) and Paul Simon’s “Late in the Evening.” After a short break, all of Hot Buttered Rum and The Motet emerged for a New Year’s set that included HBR’s “Limbs Akimbo,” a New Year’s countdown and Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration.” The members of Hot Buttered Rum then faded off the stage as The Motet kicked into its set. Later in the evening, HBR drummer Matt Butler hosted an Everyone Orchestra gig that featured members of both bands in the venue.

Hot Buttered Rum also performed at Cervantes on December 29. Honkytonk Homeslice members Bill Nershi and Soctt Law opened the night and joined Hot Buttered Rum for most of its set. The musicians, who toured with Hot Buttered Rum a few years back, sat in for “Be Kind Boys,” “Rather Be Blind,” “Long Journey Home,” “America’s Favorite Pastime,” “Wedding Day,” “Ginseng Sullivan” and Bob Dylan’s “Quinn the Eskimo (The Might Quinn),” as well as a group hoot.