“Lisa Go Stick It, I Got My Bonnaroo Ticket” by Gary Chardonnay from Bonnaroo on Vimeo.

A new contest will allow fans to book a band at Bonnaroo 2010. The contest centers around a new interactive video (which can be seen above). Fans are required to submit a short testimonial as to why they should book a band at Bonnaroo and answer the following questions:

How many bobbleheads appear in the video?

What is the meaning of “Bonnaroo”? (hint: it’s written in the clouds)

How many times does Gary Chardonnay say “Bonnaroo”?

What recent (ridiculous!) news scandal is touched upon in the video?

Why Me? Testimonial (25 words or less)

The contest’s grand prize winner will get to book an artist at the 2010 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Other contestants will receive the Bonnaroo 2010 calendar as seen in the video. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 6th, 2010.

Here is how the contest will work:

The winner will be contacted by one or more of the Bonnaroo booking team and will take part in a “booking call” about the festival.

The winner will then work with the Bonnaroo booking team to select an act to play the festival.

The winner will be expected to focus on either a favorite local/regional act from their area or a relatively new artist just achieving major recognition.

The act selected will have to meet the following criteria:

The band/artist has to have been together for at least one year with a track record of regular live performances to audiences of at least 200-300 regularly.

The band/artist has to have at least one CD that has been released for at least 6 months prior to selection.

The band/artist must not have more than one CD released on a nationally recognized
recording label.

The winner may not be a member or manager of the band, nor can the winner be a music industry professional.