The Adventures of Pete and Pete stars Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete) and Mike Maronna (Big Pete) will perform together this Friday at New Haven, CT’s Toad’s Place. Maronna will sit in with Tamberelli’s band Jounce, marking the first time the longtime friends have shared the stage. The show is a benefit for Miracle Legion’s Mark Mulcahy, who also played in the house band for The Adventures of Pete and Pete and wrote the show’s opening song, “Hey Sandy.” Maronna is expected to sit in with Jounce for a cover of Mulcahy’s “Snacks and Candy“Other acts scheduled to appear at this Friday’s benefit concert include: Elvis Perkins, Chris Harford and Chris Collingwood (of Fountains of Wayne).

“When I first met Mark and I realized that he was the singer from Miracle Legion I was immediately star struck but played it as cool as I could,” Tamberelli said in a statement. “We developed a cool older brother type friendship. He gave me some cool Miracle Legion 45’s, old tapes and other Legion swag. He called me a couple times at my parent’s house to talk music and convince my mom that it would be cool to come see Miracle Legion at the now defunct NYC club The Fez. That is still one of my most memorable concerts to date.”

Friday’s show coincides with the new tribute album Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy , which benefits the singer following the death of his wife. Thom Yorke, The National, Dinosaur Jr., Michael Stipe, Juliana Hatfield, Mercury Rev, David Berkeley and Jounce are among the artists who contributed to the project.