The second studio recording from Great American Taxi is now set for a March 2, 2010. Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone produced Reckless Habits, which presents thirteen songs from the group that includes Vince Herman, Chad Staehly, Jim Lewin, Brian Adams and Chris Sheldon. The die-cut packaging was created by artist Greg Carr, who also designed Steve Martin’s The Crow. “Greg has a picture of nuns smoking on the cover, wearing Reckless Habits,” Herman explains in a release. “We want to give people something unique, so they won’t just burn it and pass it on.” Vince also confirms that band’s name emerged from a description of his skiing technique as “A friend of mine once said I came downhill looking like a great American taxi — a large, lumbering object that’s totally out of control and coming downhill towards you faster and faster. It seemed to fit the band’s m.o., so we adopted it.”

Great American Taxi will appear with Tim Carbone in Aspen at the Belly Up on Tuesday, with additional Colorado dates to follow over the course of the week.