Hot Buttered Rum mandolin player, fiddler and singer Aaron Redner plans to enter the studio this winter to record a solo album. The multi-instrumentalist has a slew of original songs stored up and plans to make use of some downtime while Hot Buttered Rum’s Bryan Horne prepares for the birth of his first child. In addition to Redner’s Hot Buttered Rum collaborators, the project will feature appearances by ALO’s Steve Adams and Dave Brogan, Tea Leaf Green’s Trevor Garrod, Reed Mathis and Josh Clark, New Monsoon’s Phil Ferlino and Jeff Miller and the Mother Hips’ Tim Bluhm, among others.

Render is hoping to make the album a fan-funded effort and hopes to raise $12,000 to complete the project by April. According to Redner, “I’ve spent the past seven years on the road touring full-time with Hot Buttered Rum, playing music and living out my dreams. Unfortunately, that dream hasn’t proved as lucrative as you might expect, making it a challenge to fund the City by the Bay project on my own. That is why I’m following the model of other artists who have created ‘fan-funded’ albums. I’ve never turned to others for financial support before, but I’m confident in my ability to see this idea through. If you are interested, I’ve set up a Paypal account that allows you to contribute whatever amount you feel comfortable to help manifest and be a part of this exciting project. Let me be clear: I’m not looking for a handout. By contributing, you not only get to be a part of an exhilarating project, but, like any producer, you also get something back.”

That something includes:

$15 will get you a digital download of the album.

$30 will get you a signed hard-copy CD.

$50 will get you CD signed by all the artists involved.

$100 will get you a signed CD and admission to an Aaron Redner and Friends concert, including a meet and greet with the artists.

$200 will get you the $100 package plus a private lesson with me (mandolin or violin), as well as a personal thank you on the CD liner.

$500 gets you the $200 package plus an additional 4 lessons at your home.

$1,000 gets you a concert for you and your friends.

$1,000+. Redner says: “Let’s talk!”

The contribution window
will be open until December 25. Donations can also be sent by mail.