The deadline to attend Phish’s Festival 8 as part of Shimon Presents’ Work Exchange Team will end at the end of this week. In exchange for a minimum of 18 hours work, WET members receive free entrance to the three-day event, a festival t-shirt, camping and the chance to be a key part of Phish’s first festival since 2004.

According to WET’s team, “the most important intangible gain for some is how your work can help you get into the elusive music industry. You will be working with and around some industry ‘movers and shakers,’ and could possibly find yourself with a permanent position in the business down the road (like many WET volunteers have in the past). It will be up to you, the members of our clan, to absorb what you can from the music business-related experiences you will have. You just mind find your music business connections expanding exponentially like some recursive virus.”

A limited number of WET spots remain. Please click here for more information