The Ghosts of Electricity, an all-star Bob Dylan cover band featuring singer/guitarist Mark Karan, drummer Greg Anton, bassist Robin Sylvester and keyboardist/accordionist Mookie Siegel, will make its public debut on Halloween. The group, which takes its name from Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna,” pledges to only play Dylan originals when it takes the stage at Berkeley, CA’s the Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center on October 31. Attendees are urged to come dressed as Dylan or their favorite character from a Dylan song.

All four musicians have ties to different corners of the Grateful Dead family: Sylvester and Karan both play in RatDog, Greg Anton was a founder of such groups as Heart of Gold Band (with Keith and Donna Godchaux) and Zero, and Mookie Siegel is both a longtime member of the David Nelson Band and an alumnus of Phil Lesh & Friends. Karan also recently released the solo album Walk Through Fire and has worked with just about every post-Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead project (The Other Ones, RatDog, Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum and Phil Lesh & Friends).