Photo by David Piacitelli

Keller Williams will ring in the new year with a new project, Keller Williams and the Added Bonus. This group—which will also feature Claude Arthur (bass), Jay Starling (keys, dobro, lap steel and guitar) and Toby Fairchild (drums)— is expected to deliver what is described as “grassy disco jazz funk.” The quartet will close out the year with three shows on its self-described Nocturnal Negative New Year’s Nomadic Notion Run. The name of each of the venues the band will play begins with the letter N, as the group moves from the NorVa in Norfolk, VA on December 29 to the National in Richmond, VA on December 30 and then to the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC on December 31. The New Year’s Eve gig will be a three-set affair, while all of these shows will blend solo performances from Williams with music from the quartet. On December 26 Williams also will appear with the Added Bonus for his 9th Annual SPCA Benefit Show in Fredericksburg, Virginia (alas that gig is bereft of a capital N, other than the word Ninth).

Tonight, Williams is in State College PA at the State Theatre. For a bit more on hs new disc, Odd, check out his recent interview with John Patrick Gatta.