The New Orleans Hope and Heritage Project and The New Orleans Healing Center have confirmed the lineup for the Second Annual Anba Dlo Festival. This year’s event, which has been dubbed Waterline 2009, will be held on October 30, 2009 and will feature performances by Stanton Moore Trio with James Singleton, the funk/Mardi Gras Indian combo 101 Runners, Coco Robichaux, Kora Konnection, Sean Johnson and Wild Lotus Band, among others. In addition, the event will boast free drinks, a costume parade and contest, an outdoor live music stage, DJs, a Trance/Spiritual music room, fire dancers and acrobats and a Faculty Art exhibit, along with many other activities. The parade will start at 6:30 PM in Markey Park and will be led by The Radical Faeries. It will make its way through the festive streets of New Orleans to the New Orleans Healing Center.

The New Orleans Hope and Heritage Project is dedicated to supporting the efforts to rebuild and transform the city of New Orleans, with an emphasis on environmentally aware, socially conscious urban planning while staying true to the unique heritage and culture of New Orleans. Housed in the Universal Furniture Building, the Healing Center is a multi-use space that will provide community-oriented services, products, and programs including an organic grocery store, sustainable food garden, internet café and juice bar, alternative healing offices, street university, retail bazaar, art therapy and galleries, performance space, child care, Woman’s Infants and Children program, environmental office, woman’s center and spiritual space. The New Orleans Healing Center is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2010.