The Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez Lopez is set to release his first album as a lead vocalist on November 10. Xenophanes,which was released in Europe September 18, was recorded in Spanish and is said to reveal a more personal side of the prog-rock star.

According to a statement from the band, “Xenophanes showcases a side of Omar rarely seen before, allowing for a much more gestural experience of the man rather than simply the musician, and truly distinguishing this album from its myriad predecessors.”

The album was named after a Greek philosopher, poet and critic, who believed in a singular global consciousness and that everything that exists today has always existed. Xenophanes the album tells the journey of a female caseworker through eleven lifetimes on her search for truth. When her lover dies, she enters a voyage through life, death, and re-birth to experience life from every angle only to eventually learn that the man, her lover, was her father spirit.

The album’s first MP3, “Mundo De Ciegos,” was recorded, along with the rest of the tracks, in Zapopan, Mexico under Lopez’s own Rodriguez Lopez Productions. Throughout the album, Lopez is backed by bassist Juan Alderete de la Pena, drummer Thomas Pridgen and keyboardist/percussionist Marcel Rodriguez Lopez. The album also features guests like keyboardist Mark Aanderud and vocalist Ximena Sarinana. Report by Julia A Rickert