Last Saturday, ALO guitarist Dan Lebowitz and Tea Leaf Green keyboardist Trevor Garrod shared a day of music at San Francisco’s Connecticut Yankee. The three-set show promised both “new material” and “old favorites” and featured ALO bassist Steve Adams and drummer Dale Fanning. Lebo and Garrod swapped frontman duties between each song. The tunes included a mix of Lebo and Garrod originals, as well as a cover of Otis Redding’s “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay” and an appearance by guitarist Sean Leahy at the end of the night.

A week earlier, another group of San Francisco musicians shared the stage at Soquel, CA’s Lizard Ranch. The single-set performance drew in Adams, ALO drummer’s Dave
Brogan, guitarist Nat Keefe (Hot Buttered Rum), banjo player Erik Yates (HBR), fiddler Adam Galblum and a few other guest musicians, including members of Fruition (the latter band also played a set at the venue).

The ad hoc band played mixed originals (Keefe’s “Honkeytonk Tequilla” and “Harvest Table”), ALO songs “The Gardener”) and covers (a Yates sung version of John Prine’s “Whistle & Fish” and a Brogan-led version of Grateful Dead’s “Deal”). “Harvest Table” was written specifically for the occasion.