Steve Adams (ALO), Michael Kang, Chris Haugen (Jambay) and Dave Brogan (ALO) took the stage together for a free show at UC Santa Cruz this past Wednesday. The show was part of the university’s freshman orientation/lawn BBQ party and featured two hours of music. The ad hoc band offered a mix of originals and covers, including ALO’s “Lady Loop,” Brogan’s solo tune “Infinite Eye,” Kang’s “Stay Through,” Haugen’s “280Z,” J.J. Cale’s “Cajun Moon,” Beck’s “Scarecrow” and Jean-Luc Ponty’s “Rhum ‘N’ Zouc,” among others.

Adams will perform with Dan Lebowitz (ALO), Trevor Garrod (TLG) and Dale Fanning (Living Daylights) Saturday night at San Francisco’s Connecticut Yankee. The musicians are expected to focus primarily on Lebowitz and Garrod originals, as well as a few select covers.