Medeski Martin & Wood will bundle its Radiolarians releases as a new box set. Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set will feature Radiolarians I-III, unreleased live material, bonus tracks, vinyl, remixes and a feature-length DVD. The latter is a feature film entitled Fly In A Bottle directed by Billy Martin. All of the material contained in the box was written and performed by MMW specifically for The Radiolarian Series. The DVD will also include the music video for “Amber Gris,” the esoteric Incant to Chantes Des Femmes directed by Grey Gersten, and an experiment with time-lapse film by Martin entitled CW. CW is a metaphoric look at the evolving and intricate relationship between Chris Wood and John Medeski from Martin’s perspective. Filmed on the tour bus, CW is set to the music of “First Light” and features excerpts of transistor radio as used in “Chasen v. Suribachi.”

“As a child, I was always interested in oceanography and marine biology. I was especially interested in plankton, phytoplankton, diatoms, all of those microorganisms in the sea. John and Chris share my passion and interest in biology and science as well” drummer Billy Martin said in a statement. It’s not surprising then that the trio instantly gravitated towards the dazzling drawings and in-depth studies of German biologist Ernst Haeckel. Haeckel’s beautiful Radiolarians drawings graced the covers of all three Radiolarians records and served as a visual inspiration for the trio’s music. Ernst Haeckel is credited with discovering and naming thousands of new species and popularizing the studies of Charles Darwin in Germany during the late 1800s.

Other box set highlights include an eight track, 70-minute live record culled from shows recorded during the Radiolarians tours and a ten track remix CD featuring contributions from 9 different DJs and producers (including Dan The Automator, DJ Spooky, DJ Logic, DJ Olive and Scott Harding). The box set will be available on November 24.