Phish has confirmed the tracklisting for Party Time, the bonus album included in the box set edition of its new recording Joy. The album will feature the rest of the new songs the group debuted this summer: Jon Fishman’s “Party Time,” Trey Anastasio’s “Alaska” and “Windy City.” The album will also boast a new version of “Let Me Lie,” a track off Anastasio’s Bar 17 release that Phish added to its repertoire after reuniting. In addition, the album will feature a version of “In A Misty Glade,” a song the group originally recorded during The Story of the Ghost studio sessions, and “The Birdwatcher,” a song Phish recorded shortly before breaking up in 2004. The rest of the album will consist of “Gone,” Gordon’s “Only A Dream,” “If I Told You,” “Splinters Of Hail,” “Can’t Come Back,” “Shrine” and “Liquid Time.” “Splinters of Hail” is believed to be a reworked section of the Joy song “Time Turns Elastic,” while Gordon played “Only a Dream” with his solo band in 2008.