It’s been a topic of debate for centuries. The forums range from bedrooms, dorm rooms, concerts and bars to television, radio and, most prominently, print. Yet the question still remains: What makes a concert great? Is it strictly the music? The venue? The context? Hindsight? They’re all valid variables and ones that will forever keep the debate alive.

So it is with great pride Relix enters the debate with its own assessment. We’ve taken it one step further, too: we’ve named what we feel are the 50 greatest concerts of the last 50 years. After much arguing, challenging, fighting, questioning and evaluating, we’ve come up with our list. And, if we do say, we think it’s great one. Certainly one that, in the spirit of the assignment, will gets as many cheers as it does boos.

We’ve compiled the list with the help of musicians, producers, agents, promoters, managers, publicists, critics and other industry heavyweights. Some of whom you may know, some you may not, but rest assured they all delivered highly opinionated nominations. The performances span the decades—from John Coltrane’s legendary stand at the Village Vanguard in 1961 to Arcade Fire’s breakthrough Coachella set in 2005—and styles—from metal to Chicago blues—that have helped shape the past 50 years of popular rock music.

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