Conan O’Brien staff writer and blogger Aaron Bleyaert arrived at Bonnaroo on Friday morning following an appearance in Nashville. He was on site supporting the team on Saturday too as Conan returned to the Comedy Theater from 1:00-2:30 and then emceed the What Stage.

We leave the hotel at 5:30am. The excitement in the air is palpable… Excitement for getting an extra hour of sleep between now and when we hit Bonnaroo.

Once we arrive, I spot my first specimen of Bonnaroo wildlife: The Shirtless Hackysacker! I’m told that they are common to the area.

Quickly, I’m introduced to the festival’s best friend and worst enemy: The Mud. Did I say best friend? I meant to say worst enemy and REALLY worst enemy.

We begin our soundcheck in the Comedy Tent! The inside is a chilling reminder of Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Two fans enter, one fan leaves! Two fans enter, one fan leaves! (Just kidding. – at least 9 out of 10 fans survive the show)

Head Writer Mike Sweeney heads out to the line to say hi to the fans and marvel at the insane temperature that is climbing by the minute.

Donning a cowboy hat, Andy Richter announces the top of the show!

After the show, Conan brings Damien Marley and Nas to the main stage… And also tries to find one of his cousins in the crowd.