Later this week both the Bonnaroo Music Festival and Phish’s 2010 summer tour kick into gear.

We offer a nod to both with some photos drawn from the band’s appearance last’s year at the fest, along with a look back at our interviews with Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon from the Bonnaroo Beacon newspaper…

Photo by Kevin Yatarola

Bon or Oo: Mike Gordon

Filmmaker. Bass Player. Bon Vivant. Ahh, the Majesty that is Mike Gordon. Actually he’s also a guitar player and for all we know a master of the pan flute. Mike will likely stick to the bass (for the most part) when he collaborates with the legendary Leo Kottke (with whom he recorded the album Clone) from 6-7:30 in This Tent. Oh yes, and look both ways before crossing because he may be riding his new Segway around the grounds as well.

The world would be a better place if everyone listened to?

Their hearts.

What song that you hear bands cover would you be happy to never hear again?

“That’s What I Like About You.”

What song do you sing in the car or the shower but never onstage?

“Fecal up and down his arm.”

The one thing nobody knows about me is?

I got over two hundred lines at Nintendo™ Tetris.

Name a song of your own that you really dig but others don’t seem to appreciate

“Weekly Time.”

Greatest TV show ever?

Get Smart.

Who is the nicest person in the music community?

Del McCoury (2nd choice: Me).

Who is the worst dressed?

Kyle Gass.

The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen from the stage is?

The color purple.

The best perk about being a professional musician is

Free parking spaces.

When I am out on the road I spend most of the day prior to a show

It is soon to be Segwaying.

T/F: Bass players are under-appreciated.


T/F: Guitar players are over-appreciated.


T/F: The best pick-up line in the world is, Hey, come out to my gig and see me play.


At Bonnaroo I’m most looking forward to seeing…

The funky Meters.

If I weren’t a musician I’d be a…

Mad scientist.

Percentage of professional musicians about whom you say Hey, that guy/gal’s pretty cool.


What’s your pet peeve about the other 20%?

They’re not cool.

If you could invite any three people living or dead to join you for a sumptuous pre-show meal who would they be?

Moses, David Lynch, Jerry Garcia.

Greatest music movie ever made?
Jazz on a Summer’s Day. I’ve never seen it, but I hear it’s great. In terms of ones I’ve seen, A Joyful Noise the Sun Ra documentary.

Bon or Oo?


Mike Gordon was interviewed for the 2003 edition of the Bonnaroo Beacon

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