In addition to the Phish Crossword Experience, we also offered a Phish-centric trivia quiz in our Sunday Festival Express. We offered the uneaten Phish coin from Halloween 1994 (above) as a prize to the first person who delivered a correctly competed quiz to the Relix booth (along with a one year subscription to the mag). Alas, we had no winners but take a look below and see how you would have fared. The questions are on the first two pages, with the answers on the two that follow…

1.Last name of the man who preceded Chris Kuroda on lights ____________
2.In what city did “Theme From The Bottom” debut ____________
3.Mike has his Corner, Fish has his… ____________
4.First name of Slip Stitch and Pass cover artist ____________
5. Picture of Nectar producer____________
6.Herbie Hancock song performed while Fishman was on the mountain ____________
7.Halloween 95 encore ____________
8.Short film set to “You Enjoy Myself” that premiered at Sundance Film Festival ____________
9.Last name of bassist whose band creates what Trey has described as “Music that make makes me want to drive too fast” ____________
10.Song on which Page debuted the touring baby grand ____________
11.The Famous Mockingbird, NYE 1992 ____________
12.Cover artist, 18 Steps, The Timer, aka____________
13.Country where Phish has performed one show____________
14.First European fans, Rudi and____________
15.First song on which Santana joined Phish ____________
16.Venue where Phish performed lone U.S. Club gig in the first half of 06 ____________
17.Dude of Life song that bears a striking resemblance to Chalkdust Torture ____________
18.Chris Kuroda’s first Phish show marked this holiday ____________
19.Surrender To The Air sax player ____________
20.Second Joy song debuted live by Phish ____________
21.Final Joy song debuted live by Phish ____________
22.“Our intent is all for your ____________
23.Flavor rejected from final version of Phish Food ____________
24.Town that hosted Phish office just before it moved to Burlington ____________
25.Mike’s other guitar player____________
26.Subject of Todd Phillips’ first music documentary ____________
27.Second Island on Island Tour ____________
28.Elton John song performed once ____________
29.Instrument that Page introduced in the summer of 1996 ____________
30.CD that presents music of Ernie Stires ____________
31.Comic/actor who also appeared on Letterman during Phish’s debut ____________
32.Name of horse on Hoist cover ____________
33.Last name of Phish backdrop designer____________
34.Month and year of show with first mail order tickets ____________
35.Mike video that chronicles the making of Hoist ____________
36.Song that induced hysterics from Click and Clack ____________
37.Nectar’s last name ____________
38.Last name of Riker’s Mailbox trombone player ____________
39.Anastasio, Gordon and Kreutzmann ____________
40.Gordon, Masefield and Perkins ____________

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