Dave Matthews Band
Toyota Pavilion, Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA

The Stone, Warehouse, Grace Is Gone, Seven, You Might Die Trying, Tripping Billies, Cry Freedom, Lying In the Hands of God, Gravedigger, One Sweet World, Jam, Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel, Why I Am, Busted Stuff, #41, Shake Me Like a Monkey, Two Step

Enc: You And Me, So Damn Lucky

Source: AntsMarching.org

Tea Leaf Green
The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse, NY

Set I: Emma Lee, Freedom, Georgie P., Las Vegas, Devil’s Pay, Jackson Hole, Drink of Streams, Incandescent Devil, Bouncin’ Betty

*Set II:*Can’t Get High>Kali Yuga, Training a Cloud, Bastard Brother, Forgiven>Let Us Go, Keeping the Faith>Zoom Zoom>Dual Drums>Keeping the Faith>Zoom Zoom>Looking West

Enc: For Every Lonely Lady>Garden III

Source: Tealeafgreen.com